DICKEY-john Calibrations

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  GRAINDescriptionNotesDATE (YYMMDD)
More Info Amaranth Amaranth 11-18%United States / DJE821124
More InfoAmaranthAmaranth 11-15% 110919
More InfoApricotsApricot Kernels 2-10% 150622
More InfoApricotsApricots Dried 22-24% 000217
More InfoBakeryBakery Products 3-13% 001220
More InfoBakeryDried Bagel Chips 3-5% 170217
More InfoBakeryDried Bakery Products 3-13% 151207
More InfoBakeryDried Bread Crumbs 3-6% 170215
More InfoBarleyBarley 10-16%DJE United States990615
More InfoBarleyBarley 10-23%DJE Germany000304
More InfoBarleyBarley 10-25%DJE United States921116
More InfoBarleyBarley 10-25%DJE Ireland970101
More InfoBarleyBarley 11-20%DJE Canada950512
More InfoBarleyBarley 4-12%DJE France Italy991201
More InfoBarleyBarley 6-29%DJE Greece991201
More InfoBarleyBarley 7-29%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE Italy811206
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE Netherlands840712
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE France851223
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE Switzerland861117
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE Switzerland861117
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE France910501
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE France910628
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE Switzerland910908
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25%DJE United Kingdom960828
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-25% 981001
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-27%DJE Poland981103
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29% 090526
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29%United Kingdom090724
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29% 110104
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29%United Kingdom120810
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29%United Kingdom130128
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29% 780911
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29% 830317
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29%DJE Ireland970101
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-29%DJE United Kingdom990418
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-30%DJE Finland910118
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-30%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-30%DJE Germany911231
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-35%DJE Netherlands830530
More InfoBarleyBarley 8-35%DJE Italy910422
More InfoBarleyBarley 9-16%Canada 000808
More InfoBarleyBarley Flaked 10-16% 991006
More InfoBarleyBarley Flaked 11-17% 910718
More InfoBarleyBarley Flaked 8-21% 860701
More InfoBarleyBarley Hull-less 5-20% 050629
More InfoBarleyBarley Malted 1-12%DJE Netherlands840829
More InfoBarleyBarley Malted 4-8% 160809
More InfoBarleyBarley Malted Distillers Malt 4-10%United States / DJE830802
More InfoBarleyBarley Malted High Moisture 1-12%United States / DJE830802
More InfoBarleyBarley Pealed 8-26% 991201
More InfoBarleyBarley Six Rowed 6-20% 090506
More InfoBarleyBarley Six Rowed 6-20%United States / DJE990318
More InfoBarleyBarley Six Rowed 8-26%United States / DJE980310
More InfoBarleyBarley Two Rowed 8-20%United States / DJE990317
More InfoBarleyBarley Two Rowed 8-26%United States / DJE980310
More InfoBarleyBarley Winter 17-32%DJE Ireland970101
More InfoBarleyBarley Winter 8-25% 040317
More InfoBarleyBarley Winter Escourgeon 8-25%United States DJE France910501
More InfoBarleyBarley Winter Gerste 8-25% 050323
More InfoBeanBean Azuki 10-16%Canada 040504
More InfoBeanBean Azuki 10-16%United States / DJE990614
More InfoBeanBean Black 8-20% 010214
More InfoBeanBean Black 8-20% 010214
More InfoBeanBean Black 8-21%Canada000724
More InfoBeanBean Black 8-29%DJE United States921009
More InfoBeanBean Black Gram 6-22%United States DJE Bangladesh990611
More InfoBeanBean Black Turtle 8-22%United States / DJE881010
More InfoBeanBean Blanched 33-60% 850821
More InfoBeanBean Cranberry 11-22%Canada040407
More InfoBeanBean Dark Red Kidney 13-23%Canada040406
More InfoBeanBean Dark Red Kidney 8-24%DJE United States870617
More InfoBean"Bean Field, Fava, Horse, Broad, Ackerbohne 5-35%"United States DJE Germany040317
More InfoBeanBean Great Northern 8-20% 990426
More InfoBeanBean Great Northern 9-24%United States / DJE880930
More InfoBeanBean Great Northern White 11-24%United States DJE Isreal831129
More InfoBean"Bean Horse, Field, Fava, Broad Paardebonen 7-27%"United States DJE France Belgium Italy950710
More InfoBean"Bean Horse,Field, Fava, Broad, Feverole 7-27%"United States DJE Italy910501
More InfoBeanBean Light Red Kidney 12-22%Canada040326
More InfoBeanBean Light Red Kidney 8-24%United States / DJE880927
More InfoBeanBean Lima Large 11-23% 161115
More InfoBeanBean Lima Large 9-20% 111028
More InfoBeanBean Mung 8-22% 110526
More InfoBeanBean Otebo 13-22%Canada040401
More InfoBeanBean Pea SM WH (Navy) 10-19%Canada040622
More InfoBeanBean Pea SM WH (Navy) 8-20% 990406
More InfoBeanBean Pea SM WH (Navy) 8-22%DJE United States880115
More InfoBeanBean Pink 10-19% 940524
More InfoBeanBean Pinto (Trefoil) 8-22%United States / DJE880921
More InfoBeanBean Pinto 10-17%Canada040110
More InfoBeanBean Pinto 10-25%DJE United States830715
More InfoBeanBean Pinto 8-18% 990326
More InfoBeanBean Pinto 8-18%DJE United States990609
More InfoBeanBean Red 7-20%DJE United States990624
More InfoBeanBean Red Small 7-20%DJE United States990608
More InfoBeanBean White Kidney 12-22% 040406
More InfoBeanBean Yellow 9-12% 120514
More InfoBean"Bean, Snap, Green Seed Coated 7-14%" 150720
More InfoBean"Bean, Snap, Green Seed Coated 7-14%" 150729
More InfoBean"Bean, Snap, Green Seed Uncoated 7-14%" 150825
More InfoBean"Bean, Snap, Green Seed Uncoated 8-14%" 150626
More InfoBranBran 13-18% 981029
More InfoBranSalvado (Bran) (Gluten) 8-26%DJE Spain000224
More InfoBuckwheatBuckwheat 8-21%United States / DJE811224
More InfoBuckwheatBuckwheat 8-25%DJE France900514
More InfoBuckwheatBuckwheat 8-25%DJE France910610
More InfoCandyCandy Hard 1-5% 890728
More InfoCanolaCanola 4-15% 100408
More InfoCarrotCarrot 3-25%United States DJE Italy Netherlands980212
More InfoCarrotCarrot 4-20%United States DJE France Germany920716
More InfoCarrotCarrot 5-20%DJE Netherlands860917
More InfoCarrotCarrot Diced 5-15% 130820
More InfoChiaChia 8-20% 121102
More InfoChickChick Feed F-1 5-15% 030922
More InfoChickChick Feed F-1 Harina 5-12% 031006
More InfoChickChick Feed F-2 Harina 6-13% 031006
More InfoChickChick Feed F-2 Pellet 5-13% 031003
More InfoChickChick Feed F-O Pellet 6-12% 031006
More InfoChicoryChicory 5-25%United States DJE France Netherlands000716
More InfoChilli PowderChilli Powder 3-17% 111102
More InfoCitrusCitrus 8-11% 980114
More InfoCitrusCitrus Pellets 5-15% 850331
More InfoCitrusCitrus Pulp 8-15% 000202
More InfoCitrusCitrus Pulp 9-12% 971108
More InfoCitrusPolpa citrica 7-13% 050601
More InfoCoalCoal 8-30% 160516
More InfoCocoaCocoa Bean 6-23% 121003
More InfoCocoaCocoa Beans 0-10% 160809
More InfoCocoaCocoa Beans 5-21%United States DJE Africa Cameroon 961127
More InfoCocoaCocoa Beans Dry LM 4-10%United States DJE Africa France971126
More InfoCocoaCocoa Farelo De Cacau 3-17% 050308
More InfoCocoa Cocoa 5-15%United States DJE Africa Ivory Coast991207
More InfoCocoa Cocoa 5-21%United States / DJE991201
More InfoCocoa Cocoa Beans 4-10% 120715
More InfoCocoa Cocoa Nibs 0-7% 120715
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 10-31%DJE Brazil921215
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 11-15% 920226
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 1-15%United States (Ground roasted) DJE Italy(Green)830322
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 15-41%DJE Brazil921215
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 3-18%DJE Grermany (Tchibo)930217
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 5-28%United States / DJE860403
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 5-28%United States / DJE860506
More InfoCoffeeCoffee 8-30%DJE France (JIM & SKW)861014
More InfoCoffeeCoffee All Cafine Green 9-15% 120316
More InfoCoffeeCoffee All Varieties Green 9-15% 120316
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Arabica 5-12%  090615
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Arabica 8-23% DJE Africa Cameroon870922
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Bean 6-24 % 860707
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Bean 6-26%United States / DJE860827
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Beans 1-15% 9520206
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Brazil Grean 9-15% 120316
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Columbia 8-30%DJE France (Columbia & JCS)861014
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Columbian Roasted 8-15% 030428
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Decaf 8-23%DJE Belgium870922
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Decaf Green 9-15% 120316
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Decaf Roasted 2-13% 990419
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Fresh Roasted 3-8% 850208
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Green 2-13% 990419
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Green 5-12% 041217
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Green 6-20%DJE Belgium990129
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Green Steamed 2-16% 160714
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Ground Roasted 3-8% 900711
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Indonesian Green 9-15% 120316
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Parchment # 5 9-20%United States DJE Hawaii080109
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Parchment 12-30%DJE Hawaii080111
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Parchment 5-40%United States DJE Hawaii080117
More InfoCoffeeCoffee PreDried 2-12%  090615
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Pre-Dried Green Beans 3-8% 030530
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Roast 3-8%United States / DJE860909
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Roasted 2-13% 990419
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Roasted Green 2-13% 990416
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Robusta 10-18%  090615
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Robusta 2-15% 091116
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Robusta 2-15% 140910
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Robusta 8-23% DJE Belgium870922
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Robusta 8-23% DJE Africa Cameroon990827
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Steamed Green 5-13%  090615
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Tex Blend 8-34% 031110
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Tex Blend2 9-35% 031203
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Whole Green Bean 3-15%  050616
More InfoCoffeeCoffee Whole Roasted 3-8% 900711
More InfoCornCorn 10-21%DJE Canada950515
More InfoCornCorn 10-22%Canada060328
More InfoCornCorn 10-22%DJE Spain200101
More InfoCornCorn 10-40%Canada970805
More InfoCornCorn 19-40%DJE United States990210
More InfoCornCorn 3-17%DJE France991201
More InfoCornCorn 5-15%DJE Netherlands860917
More InfoCornCorn 6-18%DJE India931025
More InfoCornCorn 7-22%DJE India990611
More InfoCornCorn 8-20%DJE United States990210
More InfoCornCorn 8-45%DJE Italy910422
More InfoCornCorn 8-45%DJE Portugal911018
More InfoCornCorn 9-13%DJE Netherlands840920
More InfoCornCorn Amylose 9-22% 991220
More InfoCornCorn Beans Brazil 15-32%Brazil040924
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 1 8-50%Brazil090924
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 2 8-35%Brazil090928
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 3 8-30%Brazil090924
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 4 8-50%Brazil090928
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 5 8-50%Brazil090928
More InfoCornCorn Brazil # 6 8-50%Brazil090928
More InfoCornCorn China 8-35%China100209
More InfoCornCorn Cob 10-70% 131125
More InfoCornCorn Dry Mais Strocken 10-20%United States DJE Switzerland United Kingdom910318
More InfoCornCorn Flaked 10-22%United States DJE Netherlands 970611
More InfoCornCorn Flaked 17-27% 970616
More InfoCornCorn Flaked 7-22%DJE France990412
More InfoCornCorn Germ 6-13%United States DJE France090429
More InfoCornCorn Gluten Meal Protenose 5-25% 050308
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 20-40%DJE Canada950515
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 20-55% 070912
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 21-40%DJE Spain000414
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 21-40%DJE Greece810801
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 31-59% 920428
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 40-60% 920428
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture 4-30%DJE France Isreal990817
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture Mais Feucht 8-45% 910318
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture Maiz 10-22% 950519
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture Maiz Alta Hum 21-40% 940328
More InfoCornCorn High Moisture Modified Range 10-45% 060525
More InfoCornCorn High Oil 6-30% 991201
More InfoCornCorn High Test Weight 10-22% 861014
More InfoCornCorn HM 8-35% 101005
More InfoCornCorn Mais Sauf Waxy (Corn Except Waxy) 8-45%United States DJE France910501
More InfoCornCorn Mais Sauf Wazy 8-35% 910501
More InfoCornCorn Mais Waxy 13-33%United States DJE France940501
More InfoCornCorn Mais Zonder Waxy 8-45%United States DJE France970710
More InfoCornCorn Maize10-22% 870420
More InfoCornCorn Meal 9-15% 040331
More InfoCorn"Corn Meal, Flour, Ground 7-16%" 150923
More InfoCornCorn Rolled 10-22% 060313
More InfoCornCorn Screenings 8-28% 100521
More InfoCornCorn Steamed Flaked 12-18% 031015
More InfoCornCorn Sweet Corn Seed Uncoated 4-14% 150708
More InfoCornCorn Sweet Corn Seed Uncoated 8-12% 150915
More InfoCornCorn Sweet Corn Seed Uncoated 8-17% 150707
More InfoCornCorn Sweet Corn Seed Uncoated 8-17% 150708
More InfoCornCorn Waxy 10-19% 990714
More InfoCorn"Corn, High Moisture (Poland) 10-60%" 131103
More InfoCornCorn-A 10-22% 991201
More InfoCornCorn-A High Moisture 21-40% 991201
More InfoCornScoular Corn 8-26% 121213
More InfoCorn GritsCorn Grits 12-14%United States DJE Netherlands South Africa850920
More InfoCorn GritsCorn Grits 12-17%United States / DJE980825
More InfoCorn GritsCorn Grits 7-18%DJE France910101
More InfoCorn GritsCorn Meal & Grits 5-15% 830302
More InfoCottonCotton Guabi Algodao caroco 3-9% 050603
More InfoCottonCotton Guabi F. Algodao 6-18% 050602
More InfoCottonCotton Seed 2-10%United States DJE India980129
More InfoCottonCotton Seed 8-20%United States DJE Syria960611
More InfoCottonCotton Seed Meal 6-19% 060316
More InfoCuminCumin 5-15% 091014
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Black 8-20%Current US Calibration990415
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Blackeye 8-18%Current US Calibration010409
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Cranberry 8-20%Current US Calibration010409
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Garbonzo 6-18%Current US Calibration060308
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Great Northern 8-20%Current US Calibration060322
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Kidney 8-20%Current US Calibration010418
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Lima Baby 8-18%Current US Calibration010409
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Lima Large 9-15%Current US Calibration010411
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Pea SM WH (Navy) 8-20%Current US Calibration990406
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Pink 8-20%Current US Calibration030320
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Pinto 8-18%Current US Calibration990326
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Small Red 8-18%Current US Calibration030320
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Small White 8-20%Current US Calibration990406
More InfoCurrent CalibrationBeans Yelloweye 10-18%Current US Calibration030404
More InfoCurrent CalibrationCanola 4-15%Current US Calibration190711
More InfoCurrent CalibrationCorn High Oil 6-30%Current US Calibration990422
More InfoCurrent CalibrationFlaxseed 5-15%Current US Calibration000411
More InfoCurrent CalibrationLentils 7-15%Current US Calibration110330
More InfoCurrent CalibrationMustard Seed Brown 5-14%Current US Calibration030324
More InfoCurrent CalibrationMustard Seed Oriental 5-14%Current US Calibration030324
More InfoCurrent CalibrationMustard Seed Yellow 5-14%Current US Calibration030324
More InfoCurrent CalibrationPeas Austrian Winter 8-14%Current US Calibration030326
More InfoCurrent CalibrationPeas Smooth Dry 8-19%Current US Calibration000425
More InfoCurrent CalibrationPopcorn 6-26%Current US Calibration / DJE920104
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRapeseed 4-15%Current US Calibration990426
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Brewers Milled 10-15%Current US Calibration030417
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Long Grain Brown 10-21%Current US Calibration100408
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Long Grain Milled 10-20%Current US Calibration100408
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Med Grain Brown 10-20%Current US Calibration030325
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Medium Grain Milled 10-16%Current US Calibration040331
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Parboiled Brewers Miiled 10-14%Current US Calibration030505
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Parboiled Long Grain Brown 10-14%Current US Calibration010521
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Parboiled Long Grain Milled 8-20%Current US Calibration020326
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Parboiled Med Grain Milled 10-14%Current US Calibration030057
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Parboiled Second Head Milled 10-14%Current US Calibration030505
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Short Grain Brown 10- 18%Current US Calibration030422
More InfoCurrent CalibrationRice Short Grain Millled 10-16%Current US Calibration030417
More InfoCurrent CalibrationSafflower 10-14%Current US Calibration030507
More InfoCurrent CalibrationSceening Milled Rice 10-15%Current US Calibration030417
More InfoCurrent CalibrationSecond Head Milled Rice 10-15%Current US Calibration030417
More InfoCurrent CalibrationShort Grain Rough 10-26%Current US Calibration020327
More InfoCurrent CalibrationSplit Peas 8-14%Current US Calibration030320
More InfoCurrent CalibrationSunflower Seed Confectionary 5-17%Current US Calibration000413
More InfoCurrent CalibrationTriticale 8-15%Current US Calibration040330
More InfoCurrent CalibrationWrinkled Dry Peas 6-12%Current US Calibration030326
More InfoDriedDistillers Dried Grain Solubles 5-15% 080430
More InfoDriedDried Bakery Products 5-12%United States / DJE790216
More InfoDriedDried Distiller's Grain 3-15%United States / DJE030226
More InfoDriedDried Products 10-22% 040916
More InfoDriedDried Products 5-15% 040330
More InfoExtrusExtrusada 5-15% 040331
More InfoExtrusExtrusado Veg. Alfapreme 3-14% 050309
More InfoFeedAlfalfa Ground 8-145 160121
More InfoFeedDry Feed and Soluble 0-10% 060512
More InfoFeedExtruded Feed 3-13% 081030
More InfoFeedExtruded Feed 3-15% 081030
More InfoFeedExtruded Feed 3-15% 081030
More InfoFeedExtruded Feed 5-15% 081030
More InfoFeedFeather Meal 8-15% 000113
More InfoFeedFeather Meal 8-15%DJE United States991201
More InfoFeedFeed 4 Types Combined 5-20% 041001
More InfoFeedFeed Calf Feed Mash 9-14% 160906
More InfoFeedFeed Combined 2-29% 041116
More InfoFeedFeed Extruded 5-15% 040330
More InfoFeedFeed Finished 10-18% 050204
More InfoFeedFeed Grain 13-30% 050210
More InfoFeedFeed Grain 8-20% 050201
More InfoFeedFeed Grains 13-30% 050210
More InfoFeedFeed Grains 2-20% 050217
More InfoFeedFeed Grains 2-20% 050330
More InfoFeedFeed Grains 2-20% 050330
More InfoFeedFeed Ground Commodity 10-17% 050201
More InfoFeedFeed Guabi Origem Animal 5-10% 050502
More InfoFeedFeed Guabi Refinazil 5-20% 050607
More InfoFeedFeed Horse Treats Powdered 8-15% 160118
More InfoFeedFeed L. Equinos 9-23% 041025
More InfoFeedFeed L.Gado P. 2-26% 041025
More InfoFeedFeed Linha Pelletizada Diversos 5-20% 040811
More InfoFeedFeed Livestock Feed 5-13%chicken by products950522
More InfoFeedFeed Livestock Pellets 9-16% 061222
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe Al45 2-8% 041105
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe Sl 6-11% 041103
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe Sl Cresc. 8-10% 041103
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe Sl Engorda (2nd group of Nutr 6-11%) 041105
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe Sl Terminacao 8-11% 041105
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe TC40 9-11% 041105
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe TR32 (4mm) 5-12% 041103
More InfoFeedFeed Nutripeixe TR32 (8mm) 9-12% 041108
More InfoFeedFeed Particula Atleta 8-14% 041102
More InfoFeedFeed Purified 3-9% 860715
More InfoFeedFeed Purified 3-9% 860715
More InfoFeedFeed Racao Farelada 5-20% 040401
More InfoFeedFeed Racao Laminado 10-25% 040401
More InfoFeedFeed Racao Triturada 5-20% 040401
More InfoFeedFeed Starter 9-15% 050201
More InfoFescueFescue 9-24% 070626
More InfoFescueFescue 9-24%United States / DJE830418
More InfoFescueFescue Red 5-30%DJE Denmark990101
More InfoFlax/LinseedFlax 7-23%United States / DJE790914
More InfoFlax/LinseedFlaxseed 5-15% 000411
More InfoFlax/LinseedFlaxseed 5-15% 040210
More InfoFlax/Linseed"Linseed, oil /Flax 6-18%"DJE France851215
More InfoFlax/LinseedLinseed/Flax 5-30%DJE United Kingdom890418
More InfoFlax/LinseedLinseed/Flax 6-23%DJE France Belgium Germany851215
More InfoFlax/LinseedLinseed/Flax 6-23%DJE United Kingdom910409
More InfoFlax/LinseedLinseed/Flax 6-23%DJE Italy991201
More InfoFlax/Linseed/VlasVlas (Flax) 6-23%United States DJE Belgium950710
More InfoFlax/Linseed/VlasVlas Olieachtig (Flax) 6-18%Vlas950710
More InfoFlourFlour 6-18%DJE France071003
More InfoFlourFlour 8-16%DJE France910703
More InfoForageAlfafa Guabi 6-17% 050606
More InfoForageAlfalfa Seed 4-12% 891106
More InfoForageClover Red 5-25%United States / DJE991007
More InfoForageClover White 5-25%United States DJE Denmark990101
More InfoForageCocksfoot Grass Seed 9-19% 171129
More InfoForageTimothy 6-30% 891106
More InfoFruitCherries Dried 10-15% 000316
More InfoFruitCherries Organically Grown Dried 18-24% 000308
More InfoFruitGrape Seed (Stones) 3-25%DJE Italy920716
More InfoFruitGrape Seed (Stones) 6-18%DJE France951010
More InfoFruitGrape Seed (Stones) 6-60%DJE France951023
More InfoFruitGrape Seed 2-22%DJE United States910518
More InfoFruitGrape Seed 4-21% 090130
More InfoFruitPineapple Dried 8-14% 000307
More InfoFruitPomegrate Seed 6-18% 090130
More InfoFruitRaisins 0-20% 000211
More InfoFruitSeed Watermelon 4-13%United States DJE Israel920910
More InfoFruitSeed Watermelon 5-20%United States DJE Israel950101
More InfoGeraniumGeranium b 4-13%DJE Netherlands860917
More InfoGeraniumGeranium n 6-13%DJE Netherlands851122
More InfoGlutenGluten 8-26%United States DJE Spain000223
More InfoGritsGrits 5-25% 100301
More InfoGumGum Salvage Fresh Spearmint 2-5% 820715
More InfoHa GalettaHa Galetta 8-26%DJE Spain000224
More InfoHempHemp 4-15% 121102
More InfoHempHemp Sunn 4-15% 130424
More InfoHominyHominy 10-15%DJE France910101
More InfoKanihuaKanihua 7-14%Baby Quinoa110919
More InfoLeekLeek 5-9%DJE Netherlands841217
More InfoLentilLentils 8-21%Canada040402
More InfoLentilLentils 9-20%France870409
More InfoLespedezaLespedeza Korean 7-17%"Bush Clover, Japanese Clover"860109
More InfoLitter"Litter, Chicken 19-58%""Straw, Sawdust with Chicken Litter"151201
More InfoLupineLupine 8-25%United States DJE France950710
More InfoLupineLupine Seed 6-20%United States DJE France890101
More InfoLupins Lupins 7-16% 870914
More InfoMaltMalt 20-55%United States DJE Ireland971011
More InfoMaltMalt Green 1-12%DJE Belgium870922
More InfoMaltMalt Green 20-55%DJE Netherlands850619
More InfoMaltMalt Green 20-55%United States DJE Belgium960320
More InfoMealFish Meal Dried 1-11% 100130
More InfoMealPotato Meal 10-40% 100701
More InfoMeatMeat and Bone 2-6%  960822
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Alta Umidade 7-35% 940722
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Baixa Umidade 8-24% 921116
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Brasil 8-40%United States / DJE960327
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Extrusado 8-19% 041102
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Germen 7-14% 050601
More InfoMilho (Corn)Milho Laminado 10-25% 040401
More InfoMilletMillet (Siberian/German) 8-20% 041006
More InfoMilletMillet 5-22%DJE United States930616
More InfoMilletMillet 8-20% 080403
More InfoMilletMillet 8-20%United States / DJE960522
More InfoMilletMillet 9-18% 920817
More InfoMiloMilo HM 8-40% 111018
More InfoMineralsMinerals Guabi Minerals 0-10% 050608
More InfoMustardBrassica Junicea 4-21%"Canada for Indian, Chinese Mustard"040406
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Brown 4-10%DJE United States990610
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Brown 4-16%Canada040325
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Oriental 3-10%Canada040324
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Oriental 3-10%DJE United States990609
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Yellow 4-12%Canada040324
More InfoMustardMustard Seed Yellow 4-9%DJE United States990601
More InfoNTEPBarley Six-Rowed 6-22%NTEP July 2020 - July 2022200616N
More InfoNTEPBarley Two-Rowed 6-20%NTEP July 2021 - July 2022210607N
More InfoNTEPCorn 8-26%NTEP July 2017 - July 2022170602N
More InfoNTEPCorn Hi Moisture 25-40%NTEP July 2017 - July 2022170602N
More InfoNTEPOats 8-18%NTEP July 2021 - July 2022210608N
More InfoNTEPRice Long Grain Rough 8-26%NTEP July 2022 - July 2023220616N
More InfoNTEPRice Med Grain Rough 8-30%NTEP July 2022 - July 2023220616N
More InfoNTEPSorghum or Milo 8-24%NTEP August 2010 - July 2022100409N
More InfoNTEPSoybeans 6-26%NTEP August 2005 - July 2022050210N
More InfoNTEPSunflower Seed Oil Type 4-22%NTEP July 2018 - July 2022180615N
More InfoNTEPWheat Durum 6-20%NTEP May 2011 - July 2022110329N
More InfoNTEPWheat Hard Red Spring 6-22%NTEP July 2020 - July 2022200616N
More InfoNTEPWheat Hard Red Winter 6-22%NTEP May 2006 - July 2022060308N
More InfoNTEPWheat Hard White 6-18%NTEP July 2016 - July 2022160428N
More InfoNTEPWheat Soft Red Winter 8-22%NTEP May 2007 - July 2022070327N
More InfoNTEPWheat Soft White 6-22%NTEP July 2020 - July 2022200617N
More InfoNutAlmond 2-16% 981110
More InfoNutAlmond Blanched 2-6%United States / DJE970424
More InfoNutAlmond Blanched 3-8% 000526
More InfoNutAlmond Blanched Slivered 4-10% 000621
More InfoNutAlmond Hulls Slivered 10-40% 111011
More InfoNut"Almond Hulls, Rough Ground 10-40%" 130926
More InfoNutAlmond Oil Roasted 090818
More InfoNutAlmonds 2-20% 101207
More InfoNutAlmonds 4-16%DJE United States981111
More InfoNutAlmonds Blanched 1-8% 101012
More InfoNutAlmonds Mission 1-8% 101012
More InfoNutAlmonds Shelled 4-9% 050208
More InfoNut"Almonds, Raw Shelled 2-20%" 131017
More InfoNutCashew 1-10% 100414
More InfoNutCashew 2-16%DJE Ivory Coast980107
More InfoNutCashew Pieces 2-16%DJE Ivory Coast980107
More InfoNutCashew Sun Ridge 5-30% 000204
More InfoNutFilberts/Hazelnuts 1-10%Raw Blanched Hazelnuts United States / DJE870521
More InfoNutNUT Meats Chopped 3-22% 890806
More InfoNutPeanut 2-7%United States / DJE901223
More InfoNutPeanut 2-8%United States / DJE880601
More InfoNutPeanut 4-20%United States / DJE621215
More InfoNutPeanut 4-30%DJE Israel930907
More InfoNutPeanut 5-30%DJE Spain000101
More InfoNutPeanut 5-30%United States / DJE850514
More InfoNutPeanut Chopped with Shell 5-45% 090909
More InfoNutPeanut Extra Large / Medium 3-8%United States / DJE910613
More InfoNutPeanut Extra Large Runner 3-8%United States / DJE901228
More InfoNutPeanut Jumbo 2-7% 910613
More InfoNutPeanut Jumbo 3-13%United States / DJE870408
More InfoNutPeanut Jumbo Runner 2-7% 901228
More InfoNutPeanut Medium Runner 4-8%United States / DJE901228
More InfoNutPeanut Runner 5-30% 930322
More InfoNutPeanut Runner 7-28% 940223
More InfoNutPeanut Spanish / Runner 4-40%Current Calibration041105
More InfoNutPeanut Spanish / Runner 5-30% 930322
More InfoNutPeanut Spanish Blanched 1-6%United States DJE Spain870318
More InfoNutPeanut Spanish Combined 1-12%United States DJE Spain870318
More InfoNutPeanut Spanish Raw 4-12%United States DJE Spain870318
More InfoNutPeanut Valencia 4-51%Current Calibration050224
More InfoNutPeanut Valencia 5-30%United States / DJE920714
More InfoNutPeanut Virginia 4-43%Current Calibration050224
More InfoNutPeanut Virginia / Mani 5-30%United States / DJE920727
More InfoNutPeanut Virginia Extra Large 3-13% 870409
More InfoNutPeanut Virginia Raw and Blanched 3-12% 870210
More InfoNutPeanut Whole 5-30%DJE Israel930907
More InfoNutPeanut Whole 8-30%DJE Israel000831
More InfoNutPecans 0-10% 851227
More InfoNutPecans 2-7% 050303
More InfoNutPecans Chopped 6-24% 871209
More InfoNutPecans Crushed 2-30% 871104
More InfoNutPistachio In-Shell 4-7% 190809
More InfoNutPistachio Kernels 2-5% 190809
More InfoNutPistachios 0-31%DJE United States960710
More InfoNutPistachios 2-8% 100722
More InfoNutPistachios 3-20%DJE United States960710
More InfoNutPistachios 3-30%DJE United States960710
More InfoNutPistachios 4-36%DJE United States960710
More InfoNutPistachios in Shell 2-25% 130106
More InfoNutShea 1-7% 160401
More InfoNutSunflower Kernels 3-7% 161003
More InfoNutWalnut 1-16%DJE France000914
More InfoNutWalnut 6-15%DJE France011029
More InfoNutWalnut 8-65%DJE France000914
More InfoNutWalnut Crushed w Shell 6-45% 101022
More InfoNut"Walnut Crushed, Dry 8-65%"DJE France960811
More InfoNutWalnut Kernels 1-16%United States / DJE800324
More InfoNutWalnuts Ground In Shells 0-16%United States / DJE790810
More InfoNutWalnuts Shells 1-25%United States / DJE800311
More InfoOatsAuena 7-29%United States DJE Italy910318
More InfoOatsAveia 9-25%United States DJE Brazil921116
More InfoOatsAveia Laminada 4-15% 050314
More InfoOatsAveia Laminada 5-28% 040401
More InfoOatsAvena 8-21% 941221
More InfoOatsAvoine 8-25%United States DJE France910510
More InfoOatsGuabi Aveia Iam 5-11% 050603
More InfoOatsHafer 8-25% 910318
More InfoOatsHaver 8-25%United States DJE Germany950710
More InfoOatsOat Flakes 7-22%United States DJE France990628
More InfoOatsOatmeal Guabi Farinha De Carne 3-19% 051104
More InfoOatsOats 1-20%DJE Switzerland 861117
More InfoOatsOats 5-25% 780911
More InfoOatsOats 5-32%DJE Finland910118
More InfoOatsOats 7-16%DJE United States990723
More InfoOatsOats 8-18%DJE United States000330
More InfoOatsOats 8-19%DJE Ireland991201
More InfoOatsOats 8-20%Canada040326
More InfoOatsOats 8-20%DJE Canada950512
More InfoOatsOats 8-20%DJE United States990727
More InfoOatsOats 8-22% 970624
More InfoOatsOats 8-22%DJE United States980326
More InfoOatsOats 8-25% 800814
More InfoOatsOats 8-25%DJE Netherlands830527
More InfoOatsOats 8-25%DJE United Kingdom890418
More InfoOatsOats 8-25%DJE Ireland970101
More InfoOatsOats 8-29%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoOatsOats Groats 5-13% 001113
More InfoOatsOats Groats 6-15% 860627
More InfoOatsOats Groats Green 5-13% Biased 001123
More InfoOatsOats Low Test Weight 7-21%Canada040325
More InfoOnionOnion 5-18%United States DJE Italy980212
More InfoOnionOnion 5-20%United States DJE Italy920101
More InfoOnionOnion 5-23%DJE Netherlands Germany851122
More InfoPapainePapaine 4-25%DJE Belgium970529
More InfoPaprikaPaprika 3-20%DJE Germany Netherlands850225
More InfoPastaPasta Macaroni Elbow Whole 8-26% 900125
More InfoPastaPasta Shells 5-22% 060426
More InfoPeaErbsen 5-40%United States DJE Germany040317
More InfoPeaErvilha 11-30%United States / DJE921215
More InfoPeaErwten 12-15% 950710
More InfoPeaFodder Futtererbsen 12-26%Snow Pea910318
More InfoPeaPea Chick Pea 6-18%United States DJE Israel940101
More InfoPeaPeas 10-15%DJE United States990615
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE United Kingdom890418
More InfoPeaPeas 10-30%DJE Finland910118
More InfoPeaPeas 12-25%DJE France881012
More InfoPeaPeas 12-25%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoPeaPeas Austrian Winter 8-14% 030326
More InfoPeaPeas Brown 10-40%DJE Netherlands841119
More InfoPeaPeas Cow 8-16%United States / DJE941007
More InfoPeaPeas Green 10-30%DJE Netherlands840821
More InfoPeaPeas Protein Based 10-40%DJE Italy910422
More InfoPeaPeas Smooth Dry 8-19% 000425
More InfoPeaPeas Split 8-14% 030320
More InfoPeaPeas Yellow Field 9-16% 191122
More InfoPelletsAlfalfa Pellets 4-13% 150623
More InfoPelletsAlfalfa Pellets 9-14% 161202
More InfoPelletsCorn Pellets 9-20%DJE France910101
More InfoPelletsPellets C. Milho Laminado 8-27% 041026
More InfoPelletsPellets Milho 5-20% 040401
More InfoPelletsPellets Wood 5-9% 160901
More InfoPennycressPennycress 7-22% 141016
More InfoPeperonePeperone 3-20%United States DJE Italy (Pepper Seeds)980210
More InfoPet Food Dog Food Uncoated 130607
More InfoPet Food Peixe 4M- Fish Meal 1-13% 091210
More InfoPet FoodAuk Veg -Pet Food Veg 3-13% 091210
More InfoPet FoodAukvip R.P. 1-13% 091210
More InfoPet FoodAukvip RG 1-13% 091210
More InfoPet FoodCat Fish Food 9-16% 050830
More InfoPet FoodCat Food Coated 3-15% 100621
More InfoPet FoodCat Food Pellets 1-15%DJE Germany840320
More InfoPet FoodCat Food Special 7-14%United States / DJE (Pellets)820312
More InfoPet FoodCat Food Uncoated 3-15% 100621
More InfoPet FoodCat Litter Clay 1-10%United States / DJE 820922
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 10-15%DJE United States831018
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 2-13% 820426
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 2-23% 120312
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 5-16% 991201
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 6-24% 991201
More InfoPet FoodDog Food 6-25% 991201
More InfoPet FoodDog Food Coated 3-15% 100621
More InfoPet FoodDog Food Extruded 2-25% 100714
More InfoPet FoodDog Food Extruded 2-25% 100714
More InfoPet FoodMiauk Carne- Meat 1-13% 091210
More InfoPitsPeach Pits 8-25% 160901
More InfoPollenBee Pollen 5-35% 120302
More InfoPopcornPopcorn White 10-20% 910313
More InfoPopcornPopcorn White 9-25%United States / DJE 790904
More InfoPopcorn"Popcorn White, Yellow, Mushroom 4-25%" 120511
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 10-28% 880108
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 110805
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 130604
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 820211
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 880108
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 880111
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 6-26% 880412
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow 8-28%  790129
More InfoPopcornPopcorn Yellow Soaked 26-37% 140617
More InfoPotatoPotato Cubbed Dried 5-15% 130215
More InfoPotatoPotato Hash Brown 3-13% 020306
More InfoPotatoPotato Sweet Cubbed 1-19% 120620
More InfoPrimrosePrimrose 8-20% 981122
More InfoPumpkinPumpkin Seed 5-8% 000307
More InfoPumpkinPumpkin Seed 7-24% 000211
More InfoQuinoaQuinoa 11-18% 110919
More InfoQuinoaQuinoa 3-15% 160331
More InfoQuinoaQuinoa Black 11-45% 160822
More InfoQuinoaQuinoa Toasted Red 1-4% 160427
More InfoRadishRadish 4-13%United States DJE Netherlands 851122
More InfoRadishRadish 4-17%DJE France Italy991201
More InfoRadishRadish 6-16%DJE France910501
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed 5-16%United States DJE Germany040317
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 4-15% 990426
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 4-15% 990426
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 4-15% 990426
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 4-21%Canada000808
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 4-21%DJE United States980514
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 5-18%DJE Germany000304
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 5-21% 870422
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 5-21%United States / DJE 920414
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 5-21%DJE Canada950515
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 5-22%DJE Finland910118
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 6-18%DJE Germany930809
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola 6-21%DJE United Kingdom990418
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Colza 5-21%United States / DJE 920414
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Colza 6-21% 790126
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Colza 6-23%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Colza 6-23%United States DJE France Italy910501
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Colza 6-23%DJE France910627
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Dry Raps Getrocknet 2-23% 910318
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Koolzaad 6-23% 950710
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Meal 10-18% 031230
More InfoRapeseed/CanolaRapeseed/Canola Raps 6-23% 910318
More InfoRiceCalmochi ( California) 12-30% 891013
More InfoRiceCalrose 10-17% 850312
More InfoRiceCalrose Brown 10-17% 841219
More InfoRiceCalrose Milled 10-17% 850312
More InfoRiceCalrose Milled 9-18%United States DJE Australia 860930
More InfoRiceCalrose Paddy 10-16% 841219
More InfoRiceCalrose Paddy 10-27%United States DJE Australia 860930
More InfoRiceCalrose White 10-17% 841219
More InfoRiceEl Passo 12-27% 960409
More InfoRiceFC Brown 7-14% 870323
More InfoRiceGuabi Arroz Cru 6-14% 050608
More InfoRiceInga Brown 9-17% 850311
More InfoRiceIntergral 12-17% 030911
More InfoRiceLG Arroz 8-22%United States / DJE 921116
More InfoRiceLG Arroz Gr Largo 10-25% 941221
More InfoRicePelde Brown 11-18% 841219
More InfoRicePelde Brown 12-18%United States DJE Australia 860930
More InfoRicePelde Paddy 10-16% 841219
More InfoRicePelde Paddy 10-27%United States DJE Australia 860930
More InfoRicePelde White 10-16% 841219
More InfoRiceRaw Paddy 10-27%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRiceRaw Paddy 10-28%DJE Greece991201
More InfoRiceRaw Paddy 25-34%DJE United States790317
More InfoRiceRaw Paddy 8-35% 030610
More InfoRiceRaw Ri Sone 7-29%United States DJE Italy910318
More InfoRiceRice 10-19%DJE United States780614
More InfoRiceRice 10-20% 091121
More InfoRiceRice 10-35%DJE Spain961009
More InfoRiceRice 7-29%DJE Italy980713
More InfoRiceRice 8-25%DJE France Belgium851215
More InfoRiceRice 8-30%DJE Spain970617
More InfoRiceRice 9-17%DJE Spain000101
More InfoRiceRice Bark 8-20% 121002
More InfoRiceRice Bran 5-12% 130927
More InfoRice"Rice Bran, Defatted 5-15%" 130927
More InfoRiceRice Calmochi ( California) 12-30% 891013
More InfoRiceRice Calmochi 11-27%Colusa190208
More InfoRiceRice Long Grain Milled 10-40% 120619
More InfoRiceTacuari's 12-23% 960331
More InfoRiceWild Rice 5-25% 860519
More InfoRice Rice Air Dried Paddy 9-23%United States / DJE 790315
More InfoRice Rice Brown 11-18% 851025
More InfoRice Rice Brown 12-17%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRice Rice Brown Medium 10-17%United States / DJE 790606
More InfoRice Rice Calrose 10-17% 850312
More InfoRice Rice Calrose Milled 10-17% 850312
More InfoRice Rice Calrose Paddy 10-16% 841219
More InfoRice Rice Calrose White 10-17% 841219
More InfoRice Rice FC Brown 7-14% 870323
More InfoRice Rice Hulls Ground 3-10% 180424
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain 8-25%United States / DJE 830330
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain 8-26% 970624
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough 8-26%United States / DJE 990316
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough (California) 8-25% 881229
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough 14-28% 891207
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough 8-26%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough Green 8-25% 940912
More InfoRice Rice Long Grain Rough Parboiled 8-20% 861202
More InfoRice Rice Meal Fat 8-12% 000202
More InfoRice Rice Medium Grain 10-28% 871112
More InfoRice Rice Medium Grain 8-28% 970624
More InfoRice Rice Medium Grain Brown 10-20% 030325
More InfoRice Rice Medium Grain Rough 8 - 28%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoRice Rice Medium Grain Rough 8-28%United States / DJE 990311
More InfoRice Rice Milled 10-17%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRice Rice Milled 10-20% 900523
More InfoRice Rice Milled Long Grain 11-15% 900103
More InfoRice Rice Paddy 10-30% 900523
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled 12-20%United States / DJE 860605
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled 8-25%DJE Spain9705200
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled 9-18%DJE United States790315
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled Brown 11-15%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled Fast Cooking 6-14% 840124
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled Long Grain 10-24%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled Milled 10-15%DJE Australia860930
More InfoRice Rice Parboiled Milled 9-17% 030619
More InfoRice Rice Pelde Brown 11-18% 841219
More InfoRice Rice Pelde Paddy 10-16% 841219
More InfoRice Rice Pelde White 10-16% 841219
More InfoRice Rice Short and Medium Grain 10-28%United States / DJE 860723
More InfoRice Rice Short and Medium Grain 8-28%DJE Israel881117
More InfoRice Rice Short and Medium Grain 9-30% 781206
More InfoRice Rice Short Grain 10-28% 871121
More InfoRice Rice Short Grain 8-28% 970624
More InfoRice Rice Short Grain Brewers Milled Parboiled 10-14% 030505
More InfoRice Rice Short Grain Rough 8-28%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoRice Rice Short Grain Rough 8-28%United States / DJE 990311
More InfoRice Rice Short Milled Parboiled 10-14% 830708
More InfoRice Rice Steamed 15-25% 050804
More InfoRice Rice Thai 8-35% 011204
More InfoRice Rice Thai 8-35% 011213
More InfoRice Rice Thaibonnet 8-35%DJE Spain970520
More InfoRice Rice Wild 5-25% 860516
More InfoRyeCenteio 12-26%United States / DJE 921215
More InfoRyeCentenoc 8-29%United States / DJE 870424
More InfoRyeRogge 8-25% 960710
More InfoRyeRoggen 8-25% 040317
More InfoRyeRye 10-23%DJE Germany000304
More InfoRyeRye 10-23%DJE Germany980615
More InfoRyeRye 8-20% 060322
More InfoRyeRye 8-20% 990426
More InfoRyeRye 8-25%DJE Netherlands850503
More InfoRyeRye 8-25%DJE France United Kingdom Italy Belgium881012
More InfoRyeRye 8-26%DJE Austria850923
More InfoRyeRye 8-29% 790817
More InfoRyeRye 8-29%United States / DJE 870424
More InfoRyeRye 8-29%DJE Finland910118
More InfoRyeRye 8-29%DJE Canada950512
More InfoRyeRye 8-29%Canada950512
More InfoRyeRye Grass 10-25% 160810
More InfoRyeRye Grass 6-22%United States DJE Italy Netherlands 840104
More InfoRyeRye Grass Endophyte 14-50%DJE France011022
More InfoRyeRye Grass English 13-24%DJE France011022
More InfoRyeRye Grass Hybrid 8-22%DJE United States990315
More InfoRyeRye Grass Italy 12-22%DJE France011022
More InfoRyeSegala 8-29% 910318
More InfoRyeSeigle 8-25% 910501
More InfoSafflower Safflower (California) 3-20% 830511
More InfoSafflower Safflower 3-20%United States / DJE 830411
More InfoSafflower Safflower 3-20%DJE Canada950512
More InfoSafflower Safflower 4-14% 161222
More InfoSawdustSawdust 9-50% 070508
More InfoSeedPine Seed 8-17% 190404
More InfoSeedSeed Bird 8-21% 880726
More InfoSeedSeed Cabbage 3-19%DJE France920101
More InfoSeedSeed Canary 5-20% 091013
More InfoSeedSeed Canary 5-20% 091013
More InfoSeedSeed Castor 4-25%DJE Italy950919
More InfoSeedSeed Cotton Extended 4-20% 111111
More InfoSeedSeed Guargum 5-15% 091012
More InfoSeedSeed Guayule 4-7% 140129
More InfoSeedSeed Hedge Apple 5-13% 160422
More InfoSeedSeed Lettuce 3-23%United States DJE Netherlands Italy Germany860917
More InfoSeedSeed Lettuce 9-20%DJE France870409
More InfoSeedSeed Moringa Oleifera 4-11%  160708
More InfoSeedSeed Norway Spruce 5-30% 160425
More InfoSeedSeed Parsley 6-28%DJE France920101
More InfoSeedSeed Prickly Pear Cactus 4-18% 130227
More InfoSeedSeed Sesame 5-10%United States DJE Tunisia020516
More InfoSeedSeed Sesame 5-20% 091231
More InfoSeedSeed Sesame 5-7%United States / DJE980702
More InfoSeedSeed Snap Bean Coated 5-20% 160705
More InfoSeedSeed Snap Bean Coated 8-16% 150626
More InfoSeedSeed Snap Bean Uncoated 8-14% 150626
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 3-13%DJE Belgium870922
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 5-15%United States DJE France 920101
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 5-15%United States DJE France 920716
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 5-15%United States DJE Italy 980212
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 5-20%DJE Netherlands Germany851201
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 5-57% 020723
More InfoSeedSeed Sugar Beet 6-16%United States DJE Italy 951010
More InfoSeedSeed Tomato 5-15%DJE Italy Germany980212
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo 5-22%DJE India931025
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo 8-24%DJE United States980310
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo 8-25%DJE Italy991201
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo 8-28%DJE United States990311
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo 11-20%DJE United States930216
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Ciagro 9-30% 960429
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo extended for reference only 25-41% 050929
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Flaked 16-24% 860611
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Guabi Desengordurado 8-14% 050511
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo High Moisture 15-41% 050826
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Laminados 10-22% 041025
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Sorgo 10-25%United States DJE Brazil921116
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Sorgo 8-32%United States DJE France Belgium910501
More InfoSorghum/MiloSorghum/Milo Sorgo 9-22% 950109
More InfoSoybeanEdamame 2-6% 160121
More InfoSoybeanF. Soja Integral 7-14% 050607
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Barzil 6-30% 110715
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Cracks 9-14% 891219
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Hulls 4-20%  840917
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Hulls 5-16% DJE United States991201
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Hulls 6-12%  160121
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Meal 10-18%United States / DJE 840224
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Meal 5-25%DJE Italy951205
More InfoSoybeanSoybean Pelatized Hulls 11-16% 930805
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 6-24% 970324
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 6-24% 980305
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 6-24%United States / DJE 990217
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 6-27%DJE Belgium Germany870922
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 7-25%DJE France Greece851215
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 7-28%DJE United States921116
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-16% AOC MethodAOC Method Air Oven 151210
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-24%DJE Spain000101
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-25%Canada040927
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-25%DJE Canada950615
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-25%DJE United States990528
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-28%United States DJE United Kingdom831003
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-28% 870410
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-28%DJE Israel881117
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-28%DJE Italy910422
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans 8-28% 920416
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans Filtro Log 6-30% 090220
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans Filtro Reta 6-30% 090220
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans Tudo 6-30% 090220
More InfoSoybeanSoybeans Tudo Reta 6-30% 090220
More InfoSoybeanSoymeal 8-13% 040804
More InfoSpeltEpeautre (Spelt) 8-25%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoSpeltEpeautre (Spelt) 8-25% without balleDJE Switzerland 861117
More InfoSpeltEpeautre (Spelt) 8-29% with balleDJE Switzerland 861117
More InfoSpeltUnhulled Spelt 5-15% 160902
More InfoSpeltUnhulled Spelt 8-13% 991201
More InfoSpeltUnhulled Spelt 8-15%DJE100804
More InfoSugarSugar Acucar 0-5% 050310
More InfoSunflowerGirasole Sunflower 3-27%United States DJE Italy 910318
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 10-14%DJE Spain000101
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 13-20%DJE Spain000101
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 4-18% 780911
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 4-28%DJE Italy910422
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-11%DJE Spain000101
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-23%DJE France880622
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-23%DJE United Kingdom Germany France890418
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-23%DJE France910628
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-23%DJE France920515
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-25%DJE France901005
More InfoSunflowerSunflower 6-25%DJE Belgium 910207
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Confectionary 3-17% 131114
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Confectionary 7-18%Canada040607
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Confectionary 7-24% 920602
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Confectionary 9-24%United States / DJE 791120
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 15-68% 090113
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 4-16%DJE France891215
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 4-20% 970412
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 4-20%DJE United States980305
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 4-22% 000308
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 4-22%United States / DJE 990318
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 7-22% Canada040604
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 7-22%  840316
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Oil 7-22%  840514
More InfoSunflowerSunflower Seed Confectionary 5-17%United States DJE Greece000413
More InfoSunflowerSunflower White Confectionary 7-14% 050818
More InfoSweet CornCorn Sweet 20-55% 060615
More InfoSweet CornCorn Sweet 30-60% 060227
More InfoSweet CornCorn Sweet 6-12% 060522
More InfoSweet CornCorn Sweet Seed 10-15% 930113
More InfoSweet CornSeed Sweet Corn 5-25% 160702
More InfoSweet CornSeed Sweet Corn 7-12% 160705
More InfoSweet CornSeed Sweet Corn 7-36% 160705
More InfoSweet CornSweet Corn HM 19-64% 080605
More InfoSweet CornSweet Corn Shrunken 19-64% 121106
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 10-18%DJE Finland930204
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 10-19%DJE Malaysia930204
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 8-17%DJE United States930204
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 8-20%United States / DJE 920401
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 8-28%DJE Mexico971205
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 9-15%DJE United States940202
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 9-19%DJE United States961107
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 9-25%United States / DJE 930112
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 9-25%DJE United Kingdom991201
More InfoTobaccoTobacco 9-27%DJE United States971209
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Burley 14-29%United States / DJE 960319
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Burley 9-25%DJE United States960112
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Burley 9-25% 960112
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Bu-stem 0-21%United States / DJE 970119
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Dark Fired 11-25% 000518
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Dyrgyz Dubek 10-22%United States DJE Kyrgyzstan 980216
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Dyrgyz Dubek 9-26%United States DJE Kyrgyzstan 980106
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Flue Cured 7-19%DJE United States920731
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Flue Cured 7-20% 930820
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Flue Cured 8-18%DJE United States092908
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Flue Cured 8-18%DJE United States920929
More InfoTobaccoTobacco in process steamed 15-30% 050117
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Oriental 11-17% 000523
More InfoTobaccoTobacco Sun Cured 14-20% 000523
More InfoTriticaleTriticale 10-25%DJE United States921116
More InfoTriticaleTriticale 8-25%DJE France Italy880622
More InfoTriticaleTriticale 9-24%DJE France Belgium910101
More InfoVetchVetch Vesce 12-25%United States DJE France990501
More InfoWater TreatmentCheto Pellets Ground 19-29% 831121
More InfoWater TreatmentCheto Pellets Predried 5-30% 831121
More InfoWater TreatmentCheto Pellets Tailings 14-34% 831121
More InfoWheatBle Dur 8-25% 781006
More InfoWheatCandial 7-20% 941212
More InfoWheatRongotea 8-25% 870512
More InfoWheatTarwe 8-25% 950710
More InfoWheatTarwe Harde 8-25% 950710
More InfoWheatTarwe Zwarte 8-25% 950710
More InfoWheatTrigo Blanco W 8-20% 950109
More InfoWheatTrigo RBI 8-22% 942121
More InfoWheatTrigo RDI 8-20% 950519
More InfoWheatWeisen 8-25% 910318
More InfoWheatWheat 10-26%DJE Germany000304
More InfoWheatWheat 12-26%DJE Germany911231
More InfoWheatWheat 15-30%DJE Ireland970101
More InfoWheatWheat 8-21% 100115
More InfoWheatWheat 8-25%DJE Netherlands830527
More InfoWheatWheat 8-25%DJE Finland910118
More InfoWheatWheat 8-26%DJE Austria850923
More InfoWheatWheat 8-26%DJE Germany931025
More InfoWheatWheat Ble Dur Durum 8-25%United States DJE France Belgium Italy910501
More InfoWheatWheat Bran 10-20%DJE Italy950512
More InfoWheatWheat Bran 13-18%DJE United States990325
More InfoWheatWheat Bulgar 8-15%United States / DJE 830607
More InfoWheatWheat Durum ( CALIFORNIA) 8-25% 830317
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 6-20% 960606
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 6-20%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 6-20%United States / DJE 990315
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 7-21%DJE Canada950512
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 7-21%DJE United States990707
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 7-22% 860721
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 7-23%Canada040622
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 8-22%DJE Greece991201
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 8-25% 830330
More InfoWheatWheat Durum 8-34%DJE United Kingdom890418
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Hard Red Winter 10-12%Canada040504
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Red 6-20%DJE Canada950515
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Red 6-25%Canada040504
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Red 6-25%DJE United States990714
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Red Spring 7-22%Canada040329
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern Soft Winter 6-20%Canada990629
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern White 8-22%Canada040326
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern White 8-22%DJE Canada920626
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern White 8-22%DJE United States990707
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern White 9-21% 941221
More InfoWheatWheat Eastern White Winter 9-20%Canada040405
More InfoWheatWheat Extra Strong Spring 6-20%Canada040412
More InfoWheatWheat Extra Strong Spring 9-15%DJE United States990809
More InfoWheatWheat Flaked 15-24% 860610
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Spring 6-22% 970624
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Spring 6-22%DJE United States980310
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Spring 6-22%United States / DJE 990315
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Spring 7-20%DJE Canada950512
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Spring 7-25% 820526
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 6-20% 840515
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 6-20%United States / DJE 860506
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 6-20% 860625
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 6-20% 930621
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 8-20%DJE Spain000101
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 8-20% 960429
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 8-20%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoWheatWheat Hard Red Winter 8-22%United States / DJE 990311
More InfoWheatWheat Hard White 6-16%United States / DJE 990315
More InfoWheatWheat Hard White 6-20% 970624
More InfoWheatWheat Hard White 6-20%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoWheatWheat Hard White Spring 10-18%Canada040407
More InfoWheatWheat Midds 8-12% 921016
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 6-25%DJE991201
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 8-25%DJE France851223
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 8-25%DJE Italy 910422
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 8-29%DJE Belgium910207
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 8-30%DJE Ireland950823
More InfoWheatWheat Soft 8-34% DJE United Kingdom890418
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 6-19%DJE United States780614
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 6-20%DJE United States990629
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-22% 970624
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-22%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-22% 990315
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-25% 820525
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-28% 780911
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 8-34% 910829
More InfoWheatWheat Soft Red Winter 9-28% 780614
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White 6-24% 000306
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White 6-24% 970624
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White 6-24%United States / DJE 980310
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White 6-24%United States / DJE 990311
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White 8-28% 780926
More InfoWheatWheat Soft White Spring 8-22%Canada950512
More InfoWheatWheat Trigo 10-25%United States / DJE 921116
More InfoWheatWheat UK 8-29% 130128
More InfoWheatWheat Western Winter 7-18%Canada040412
More InfoWheatWhite Flakes 10-22% 040916
More InfoWheyWhey 5-20%United States / DJE 830808
More InfoYeastYeast 3-10% 010611
More InfoYeastYeast 3-25%DJE France980903
More InfoYeastYeast Corn 5-11% 001003
More InfoYeastYeast Xinjiang Mauri 3-17% 060109
More InfoYuccaYucca 7-19% 110603
More InfoYuccaYucca 7-50% 110803